Advantagious is working with global publishers and leading advertisers, we’re rebuilding the ad market-place around the consumer.

“The data we create about ourselves should be owned by each of us, not by the large companies that harvest it.”

Sir Tim Berners-Lee

User profiles are valuable

Your personal data is being collected, analysed and sold. The more data there is, the more valuable it is for advertisers.

Users should be compensated

Web users should receive a share of the value created when their online profiles are sold to advertisers.

Advertising is broken

The current online advertising model is based upon a 20th century assumption that publishers own user profiles. Users disagree.

A new model is required

As technology continues to deliver new advertising opportunities, a new, sustainable model for advertising is required.

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Replacing a 20th century model of advertising

The existing model assumes that your profile ‘belongs’ to the site publisher.

Everyday your online profile is tracked by ‘cookies’ placed on your computer by publisher sites and sold to advertisers.

Your share? $0.

The result?

Consumers around the world are turning to ad-blockers.

The web needs advertising, but the current model is broken.

No-party is getting what they want from the web.

We believe relevant advertising is better than no advertising.

That’s why we need to build a 21st century advertising model.

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How it works

Download, Browse, Earn

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1. Create Profile

Create an online profile and account on Advantagious
Increase your earnings by sharing more data
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2. Download Plug-in

Download the secure “Advantag” plug-in to your desktop and mobile browsers
Replace existing advertising cookies, with the Advantag and control your profile
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3. See Relevant ads

Start seeing relevant, highly targeted online ads
Radically improve your web browsing experience. You will only see ads that are relevant to you, based upon the detailed profile that you have shared
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4. get your share

The more data you are willing to share, the more cash you make per transaction
Every month you will receive a statement with your earnings

Join millions of users around the world and build a fairer web

A 21st century advertising model